3rd Generation tribal warrior


Name: Lug
Race: 3rd Generation Mutant
Background: Tribal
Tech Level 1
Age 20, Height 6’, weight 200#, Dark dirty hair, Brown eyes
Rank: Novice, XP 6

AGI (d8), SM (d6), Sp (d6), STR (d8), VIG (d8)

Climbing(d6+2),Fighting(d12),Investigation(-2), Knowledge(-2),Notice(d8),Repair(-2),Survivial(d8),Tracking(d6)

Mutations: Simian Deformity(M,1’ reach,8" movement using arms/d10 run,4" using only legs/d4 run),x2 Additional Arms (M,1 action for each)

Edges: Gladiator (ignore 1 armor)

Defects: Attention deficiet

Hinderances: Overconfident (M),Illiterate(m),Loyal(m)

3x Battle Axe(STR+ d8), Small Shield (+1 parry)


Lug was born of a large tribal community nestled in a the foothills of the mountain ranges. Raised communally by the mothers of the tribe he loved to rough and tumble with the other youths and dreamed of becoming a tribal warrior. On the day of the burning god he prepared and set out on his coming of age journey that would see him join the ranks of the tribes warrior caste.

The coming of age was a walk about amonst the ruins of the twisted earth for at least several months to prove he was strong enough to survive and to prove his courage. This pilgrimage required him to travel to the ruins of the ancients over several months.

Along the way however Lug was set upon by slavers who thought he was just some animal. They were ill equipped to deal with a trained fighter but they did use a tranq dart on Lug while he was using one of the slavers as a pogo stick. Nursing their wounds they kept Lug sedated and traded him off to another group of slavers.

Eventually finding his way to Center Lug relished the thrill of battle but is looking to resume his journey although he no longer knows where his people are or any of the familiar landmarks that would have marked his path. He takes it in stride since he will have proved himself many times over by the time he returns.


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