Children of the Metal Gods

Children_of_the_Metal_Gods.jpgThe following information is known to anyone with a d4 or higher in Knowledge (Twisted Earth) or a backstory involving the Children of the Metal Gods.

The hated “Children of The Metal Gods” are a cult of technology worshippers that follow the often odd and archaic commands of their “masters” – robots and androids whom they have discovered in ruins across the wasteland, and brought back to life through the following of “revered magic tomes”.

Cults are often brutal and inhumane entities, working in unison with selfless determination at the unforgiving direction of their emotionless masters. Those who join the cult usually do so only out of sheer ignorance – or some twisted ritualistic “worship” of technology carried over from the Dark Ages succeeding the Fall. Most are outcasts from their own communities and factions, such as the mentally handicapped, the crippled and diseased, “village idiots”, and worse.

At the heart of these cults are usually one or two powerful, artificially intelligent robots.

Children of the Metal Gods

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