First Generation Mutants

First Generation Mutants

First Generation Mutants are in the worst shape. Often times they are the children of non-mutants who were poisoned or radiated before or during pregnancy. Radiation or chemical poisoning often results in useless and deformed mutations (defects). The bright side is that despite their mutations First Gens are still capable of using Ancient Medicine with little to no side effects.

First Gen Personality

First Gens are often outcasts. Usually a First Gen is from a pure human community, only to show signs of mutation at birth or early childhood. If they are not killed at birth they are usually run out of the community and left to fend for themselves in the wild.

First Gen Physical Description

First Gens typically look like humans, but with slight differences. These differences usually take the form of discolored skin, thin or patchy hair, or additional fingers or toes.

First Gen Relations

Since most First Gens have been run out of their community they tend to be loners, drifters, and survivors. Preferring to scavenge off the land to “civilized” society.

First Gen Names

First Gen Mutants will generally have a Human name, but often with a hurtful nickname. Examples include Three Armed John, Jim The Hunchback, and Purple Steve.

First Generation Mutants

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