Second Generation Mutants

Second Generation Mutants

Often known simply as “Mutants”, the second generation of mutants have parents who are also mutants whose earlier mutations have evolved into useful tools. For example, a limp, finger-less arm has evolved into usable tentacle in her offspring.

Mutants (aka second generation mutants) are by far the most common denizens of the wastes. These mutants have taken over the world that once belonged to humans.

Mutant Personalities

Mutants are as common as humans once were. There is just as much variety in mutant personalities as there once was in humans.

Mutant Lands

Mythical cities like Styx, trade federations like The Cartel and small trade outposts like Center all are populated mostly by second generation mutants.

Mutant Physical Description

Second generation mutants still have the same general size and shape of their human ancestors. Other than that, their mutations dictate what they look like, and their are many, many varieties of mutations.

Mutant Names

For the most part, all mutants have let behind the Ancient’s names. Name, like mutations, have seemingly infinite variety. Some take names from Ancient buildings. For example, a mutant may take the name Ford Lincoln Mercury. Other names are just sounds, like Hack, The Mustard Spitter, and others use descriptive tags like Ugly, Girth, and Razor-Jaw.

Second Generation Mutants

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