Third Generation Mutants

Third Generation Mutants

Aka Neo-Humans, Super Mutants, and Homo Super Sapian.

Third generation mutants are mutants who have fully evolved beyond their second generation predecessors. Their mutations are no longer mutations, but fully realized abilities, powers and anatomy. While few exist in any number, the third generation of mutant kind is stable and children of a third generation mutant will have the same mutations and their parent.

Third Generation Mutant Personalities

Third generation mutants are a whole new breed of beings. While the second generation still vaguely resembles their human ancestors, this is not always true of a third generation mutant. Because third generation mutants are blessed by no longer having to suffer the pains of mutations, they often act superior to all others, mutantkind and humankind.

Third Generation Mutant Physical Descriptions

It is difficult to know what to expect from a third generation mutant, because so few of them exist. They may be any color, have wings, be small or large. One thing is for sure, communities of third generation mutants all share the same physical properties.

Third Generation Mutant Relations

These mutants seem born believing they should rule over all others. They are aggressive, oppressive, and seek to dominate those whom they believe are lesser beings. Often, their hatred of humans, or the Ancients, is so great they will seek to destroy them whenever possible.

Third Generation Mutant Lands

Rumors speak of lands inhabited entirely by a community of third generation mutants and that these communities seek to expand their territory by any means necessary.

Third Generation Mutants

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