Darwin's World

Escape from Center

Session 1

It was the start of just another day in the trade outpost of Center. Nike was warming up for his fight in the gladiator pits against a giant mutant bug. Others were having an afternoon drink at the run down bar and staying out of the sun. No caravans were expected that day so everybody was just passing the time and no edicts from the boss meant everybody was being lazy.

The sound of a commotion down on the southern end of town broke the calm and everybody took notice when they heard the alarms going off and the guards yelling to get the boss. Soon after gunshots rang out as the southern gates were attacked.

Seeks could mentally tell that there was a full blown attack going on and quickly disappeared into the shadows, meanwhile Gil the cartographer and Xanaphus quickly made their way to the bar to figure out what was going on. Lug wasn’t sure what was happening so he jumped up on the chest high arena wall and sat down to watch. Sterling saw his opportunity and ran to the Bosses headquarters to try and grab his gear for an escape attempt.

With all the guards running to the defense Sterling was able to get into the Bosses office easily and began searching for the key to unlock the chests where his gear had been stashed. He couldn’t find it and as sounds of fighting grew closer he became frantic and began throwing drawers and paperwork around. A guard interrupted him but was just as scared and Sterling easily convinced him to help him find the key for the boss before sending him to join the defense.

By this point the fighting had broken through the gates and people could hear something they hadn’t heard before, the sound of full automatic gunfire and the yelling of the boss cut messily short. Gil realized they were in a lot of trouble as he recognized the Children of the Metal God and quickly grabbed water and made his way to the back of the compound. Xanaphus spent a bit more time scavenging and manage to find where the barkeep kept his old double barrel sawed off shotgun before likewise making herself scarce. Nike was a little hard of hearing and hadn’t noticed until he got impatient and walked out to see what was keeping his match, saw the fighting and figured this was a good time to strike out on his own. Lug in the meantime was enjoying the show up until a mutant Child spit a large glob of acid at him that began dissolving the rocks and he changed his mind about his choice of seats.

By this point the main fighting had started to die down and the group found themselves all together in the back of the compound. Grabbing their supplies and setting lose Gil’s Donkey they made for the back wall. Lug easily lunged up the broken stone and Sterling found his own way up before the Children came into view finishing off any survivors.

Three mutants led by a cyborg leader they spotted the party and rushed into the attack. Gil dropped one quickly with a clean shot from his rifle and Xanaphus feathered another one with her bow before they got in close. Nike grinned and engaged the last mutant only to get himself covered in blood as Sterling blew its head apart from above. A fusilade of shots blew apart the cyborg’s shoulder mounted AK47 and caused him to drop to the ground injured.

Quickly before more could arrive the party scrambled up the wall and out into freedom.



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