Humans are a rarity in the Twisted Earth. The Twisted Earth is radiated and avoiding mutation is difficult. Most humans grew up in hidden biodomes, underground vaults or in a sheltered communities with strict breeding regulations. The remaining humans like to believe they are somehow better than mutants, but the opposite is true. In a world full of genetic enhancements and degenerations, their “purity” is actually a potential weakness.

Human Personalities

Pure human enclaves are rare. Those that still exist are often reclusive and highly protective of their genetic purity. This obsession with their purity leads to racism and secrecy.

Physical Description

Humans in the Twisted Earth look just like modern humans.


Humans are both feared and worshiped in the Twisted Earth. In fact, in certain parts of the Twisted Earth humans are nothing more than a myth. Human communities are almost always frightened of mutants or violently racist. The end result is that humans are generally disliked and not trusted.

Human Names

Names have not changed since the time of the Ancients. Although, some last names have changed with the times (eg.. “John Far-Shot” or “John Mutantslayer”).


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