Language Rules

All player characters have spent enough time in the wastelands to learn Unislang. Since Unislang is derived from Ancient characters can make a modified Smarts roll to understand another language.

Gutter Talk & Ancient: – 2
Gutter Talk & Unislang: – 2
Ancient & Unislang: – 4


The forgotten language spoken in America before the nuclear war. Few communities still speak it (mostly dome-dwellers). Ancient is still incredibly useful because it allows a character to read signs and markings lf by the Ancients.

Gutter Talk

Closely related to Ancient, but with heavy infusions of slang and little to no sentence structure or grammar rules.


The universal language of merchants and caravaners. It is a code developed to communicate warnings on trade routes (think hobo code) as well as gestures and slang phrases.


The common language of the wasteland. It is a mix of hand gestures, slang, and English. There is also a system of symbols (think hobo code again) developed to warn travelers about monsters, hazards, or hostile territory.


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